We currently have two dealer programs available for application.


  • No minimum order quantity for demo bike(s); no requirement to stock inventory; ordering at least one demo bike is required
  • Exclusive discount for ordering demo bike(s) for location
  • Assigned a QR code that can be scanned at dealer location by customer to order
  • Exclusive commission for each bike order by customer using non-stocking dealer's QR code
  • A PDF of a QR code specific to your account will be emailed with your first demo bike order
  • Stickers with QR Code will be mailed to dealer to be applied onto demo bike, at register or elsewhere in store for customers to scan and place order directly with The Ride Bikes
  • Includes free concierge delivery direct to customer's door or dealer location by a trained technician with the bike fully-assembled


  • Minimum order quantity of 3 or more
  • Higher exclusive discount for stocking bikes to sell at location
  • Bikes will be delivered via freight boxed to dealer location; 99% assembled (turn bars, install pedals only).

Once you apply with your resale certificate/sales tax ID, your application will be reviewed for account approval. Once your account is approved, any quantities at 3 or more will be categorized as a Stocking Dealer order. Any quantities less than 3 will be categorized as a Non-Stocking Dealer order.


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